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Cameel Halim's Historical Timepiece Collection

Cameel Halim

Cameel Halim is a Chicago-based engineer who has made his mark in real estate, often saving historic homes and buildings from teardowns. Also an avid timepiece collector, Cameel Halim has collected over 600 antique timepieces he is planning on displaying in a museum he converted from an old Victorian house in Evanston, Illinois. Many of the clocks and watches to be displayed previously belonged to the Seth Atwood Time Museum, which closed in the late 1990s.

Mr. Halim has purchased roughly 200 timepieces, an assortment of American pocket watches and 2,700 horology books from his museum. In addition, the museum will include 70 stained-glass windows and many time pieces originating from the 1500s to the 1800s. The collection includes multiple rarities, ranging from clocks formerly owned by universities to Japanese shoguns.
Cameel Halim says that while the museum is a private corporation instead of a non-profit, money is not the goal. He just wants others to enjoy a passion he has had since childhood.

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