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Event Spaces Available at the Halim Time & Glass Museum

Cameel Halim

A former licensed structural engineer, Cameel Halim began investing in real estate in 1974 and has since developed a self-sufficient business with more than 200 full-time employees handling maintenance, leasing, and accounting tasks. In addition to his real estate ventures, Cameel Halim is a passionate collector of stained glass and timepieces who with his family recently opened the Halim Time & Glass Museum in Evanston, Illinois.

In addition to housing over 1,100 timepieces and 30 masterpiece windows, the Halim Time & Glass Museum has four dedicated spaces for dining and event hosting.
1. The Museum Cafe - For a quick bite, the Cafe has vending machines and locally-made sandwiches are available on weekends. It's also used to host temporary exhibits of paintings, timepieces, and art glass.
2. The Roof-Top Garden - This beautiful 2,000-square-foot space is lined with gardens and presents scenic views of downtown Chicago and Lake Michigan. It's an ideal wedding venue, but is suitable for a variety of events.
3. The Garden Room - For smaller events, this beautifully appointed room is full of stained glass masterpieces and antique chandalliers and sconces.
4. The Wisteria Room - Also suitable for weddings, this fourth-floor room is the museum's largest space and is characterized by three Louis Comfort Tiffany windows and an elegant stained glass dome which depicts a wisteria vine hanging in an arbor. It's equipped with a kitchen, dance floor, and full-service bar.
For more information about the museum and its event spaces, visit

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