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Halim Time and Glass Museum - History and Technological Progress

Cameel Halim

As president of CH Ventures, LLC, Cameel Halim oversees the management of numerous properties across Chicago and has pursued development projects that rehabilitate historic buildings. Cameel Halim is also a longtime collector of pocket watches, clocks, and objects d’art, and is currently launching the Halim Time and Glass Museum.

Speaking about the prospective museum with the Chicago Tribune in 2007, Mr. Halim described the “magnificent history in civilization” which timepieces possess. He is particularly interested in the way in which their development mirrors that of society itself, as it has progressed to a point where checking the time is as simple as looking at one’s phone.
Mr. Halim jumpstarted his collection the late 1990s with the closing of the Time Museum in Rockford, which allowed him to purchase 200 exquisite pieces from his favorite period of timekeeping, the 16th to the 18th centuries. This era of intensive innovation started with early innovations in the mechanization of timekeeping and concluded with the birth of the Industrial Revolution. With the opening of the Halim Time and Glass Museum, many of these revered timepieces will once again be accessible to the public.

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