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Historic Daniel Burnham Kenilworth Home Saved from Demolition

Engineer Cameel Halim is the president of CH Ventures in Wilmette, Illinois. In 2005, Cameel Halim helped Kenilworth, Illinois, conservationists preserve a historic home that was facing demolition.

Designed by Chicago’s famed architect Daniel Burnham in 1908, the Kenilworth home faced demolition because the owner wanted to construct a new home on the site. Preservationists had pressed the owner for months to sell or renovate the home, but she was adamant, preferring to bring it down. In fact, the Prairie-style home had already been stripped of its windows, appliances, and other features in a public auction. At the time, Kenilworth had no ordinance to prevent teardowns.

Thankfully, Halim bought the property, saving a piece of Kenilworth’s architectural history from eradication.

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