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Membership at the Halim Time & Glass Museum

Cameel Halim

Cameel Halim currently leverages more than four decades of real estate experience as the president of CH Ventures LLC, where he specializes in upgrading and managing deteriorated houses. Outside of his professional work, Cameel Halim enjoys collecting clocks and recently helped opened the Halim Time & Glass Museum.

Located in Evanston, Illinois, the Halim Time & Glass Museum showcases a private collection of more than 1,100 timepieces in addition to over 70 pieces of stained glass art sourced from around the world. The museum, which opened in September of 2017, preserves and restores these important works while displaying them to the public.
Art lovers can support the museum’s work through its membership program. The program consists of individual, dual, and family membership tiers that range from $85 to $175 annually. Members enjoy not only free admission to the museum and its programs but also invitations to special events and a discount on items at the shop. Moreover, members receive discounts on premium events that range from lectures and films to performances and tours.
For additional information on the Halim Time & Glass Museum and to apply for membership, visit

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