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Tiffany - Exploring the Limits of Glass Blowing and Stained Glass

Cameel Halim

An established presence in the Chicago real estate sphere, Cameel Halim has guided various projects that have improved urban neighborhoods. Among Cameel Halim’s recent undertakings is the launch of the highly anticipated Halim Time & Glass Museum, which brings together more than 1,100 timepieces, as well as stained glass windows by celebrated Art Nouveau artisans such as John La Farge and Louis Comfort Tiffany.

Tiffany is a cornerstone of American art. Starting as a painter, Tiffany transitioned to stained-glass art in the 1880s and pioneered techniques of creating color and texture by blowing glass and at the same time exposing it to the chemical fumes given off by metals as they were heated.
His most ambitious works are unique in that they combine a painter’s sensibility and employ the most sophisticated techniques of the era. Groundbreaking landscape compositions create the ambiance of seasons such as autumn, while incorporating three dimensionality in the form of layering and mottling.
Another highlight of Tiffany’s oeuvre are his lamps, which range from simple blown glass to geometrically designed pieces and those that showcase intricate floral patterns. Perhaps Tiffany’s most representative works are the stained-glass windows he produced on commission for churches and synagogues, with his studio also creating one-of-a-kind bronze and oak doors for Gothic structures.
To learn more about the Halim Time & Glass Museum and its collection, visit

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